Laptop Repair

We offer all types of Laptop Repairs which are not limited to:

- Laptop Screen Repairs

- Laptop Motherboard Replacements

- Laptop Spill Repairs

- Laptop Battery Replacements

- Laptop Motherboard repair SMD/Reword


When it comes to a laptop repair, make sure that you have a professional with Laptop Repairing experience.  We have over 20 years worth of Laptop Repair experience and have worked on all different models and brands.  HP, Toshiba, Dell, Mac, Chromebook, Alienware, Lenovo, IBM and ASUS are just a few brands we have serviced over the years.  Don't settle or look for the best bargain when it comes to laptop repairs.  Bring your laptop to a professional that has experience repairing laptops. You might not get the best repair job or a fix that is not warrantied if you don't have a good, experienced technician. Our technicians have wide ranges of electrical engineering experience and the necessary credentials to work with electronics every day. Ask the company you are interested in how many years of experience they have and what credentials they hold.  We are proud of the time we take to learn our trade and will make sure the repairs are the best they can be. We also warranty our labor on all laptops we repair unless specified.  Call us today or visit us for a quote on your laptop repair. We look forward to servicing you!



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