BizTouch2 Feature Phone

For Single-User Voice Communications The BizTouch2 is designed for employees who don't need to see the status of other phones in the office or store, but require sophisticated voice communications. The BizTouch2 gives you all of the following features:


  • One-touch toggling between two calls
  • Visual indicator light for voice mail messages and incoming calls
  • One-button access to voice mail
  • Transfer calls to any phone (in or out of the office), or if the line is busy, directly into voice mail
  • Custom program each phone for speed dial numbers
  • Use display panel to show Caller ID, duration of call, time and date, and other useful information
  • Use handset, speakerphone, or amplified headset
  • Conference up to three (internal or external) callers together
  • Pick up any phone from any extension, or place a call on hold and pick it up at another extension

For even more convenience and functionality, we offer the BizTouch 3 Call Appearance Phone or BizTouch 3 Line Appearance Phone


  • Voice Mail - One-button access to your private voice mailbox
  • Caller ID (requires telephone company service) - Displays incoming call information; displays extension to extension call information
  • Call Waiting - Allows incoming calls to be picked up by pressing the "Call 2" button while you are speaking on another line
  • Speakerphone - Features a high-quality, powered speakerphone for hands-free operation
  • One-button Conference - Provides convenient access to a three-party digital conference
  • Custom Key - User programmable key for one-touch dialing of a function string
  • Transfer - Transfer a call to any phone (in or out of the office)
  • Call Pickup - Pick up any phone from any extension
  • Do Not Disturb - Route calls directly to your voice mailbox without ringing your telephone
  • Mute - Turn microphones for both the speakerphone and handset off and on
  • Settings - Access customizable personal settings
  • Hold - Place a call on hold
  • Volume Controls - Allows you to adjust volume of speakerphone, handset, and ringer
  • Redial - One-touch dialing of the previously dialed number
  • Multi-Lingual Support -Support for Caller ID information


  • AC adapter (required to support speakerphone, Caller ID and visual indictor light)
  • 15-foot telephone line cord
  • 12-foot telephone handset cord


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