Perfect IP Tracker FAQ

What is the difference between a Static IP and a Dynamic IP? a Static IP is an IP Address that stays the same, a dynamic IP address is one that changes frequently and without notice.

Is IP Tracker all the software I need to do remote management? No, Although IP Tracker is an important part of your solution, other software packages will be needed to achieve further functionality.

Is IP Tracker hard to set up and use? No, IP Tracker was designed to be easy to use and set up.

Help! My IP Tracker is set to expire soon. What do I do? Not to worry. Just contact us, to continue your service. We will be offering online renewal soon.

How does IP Tracker Work? Read about how IP Tracker works by clicking here.

How often does IP Tracker update my IP? IP Tracker will check your IP every few minutes, so you always can connect.

Please Contact Us if you didn't find the answer to your Question.

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